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July 19, 2024
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The Golfers (Bushrangers)

One of the features of the social events involving Bushranger Golf has been the presentation of the tournament programs with details about the event and profiles of each on the participants. In the tradition of refusing to allow the truth to inhibit the fun to be shared by all, the contents shave the margins of what may be regarded as 'technically' accurate. That is not to say the player profiles are lacking in journalistic integrity, simply that the facts may be entirely misplaced. Click on the links below to have a read and to find out more about what makes these Bushrangers tick.

13_CCC_small.jpg 13_BC_small.jpg
12_WBC_small.jpg 12_KGS_small.jpg 12_CCC_small.jpg
12_BC_small.jpg 11_WBC_small.jpg 11_KGS_small.jpg
11_CCC_small.jpg 11_BC_small.jpg 10_WBC_small.jpg
10_KGS_small.jpg 10_BC_small.jpg 09_WBC_small.jpg
09_KGS_small.jpg 09_BC_small.jpg 08_WBC_small.jpg
08_KGS_small.jpg 08_BC_small.jpg 07_WBC_small.jpg
07_EO_small.jpg BC07_Front_Cover_S.jpg 07_KGS_small.jpg
106_WBC_small.jpg 06_BC_small.jpg 06_KGS_small.jpg
1SCC_online_cover.jpg 05_BC_small.jpg 04_BC_small.jpg


If your social club or group is interested in getting a program written for your next event, don't hesitate to contact us here or go to Pitt-Bull Media to find out more about Bushranger Golf's copywriters.