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June 17, 2024
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Bushranger Golf Events 

Bushranger Golf started operating golf events in 2006. As an official GAA handicap provider, we developed regular events we called Handicap Days that were official competition rounds with results on GOLF Link and prizes on offer. As we expanded, we offered these events in Melbourne and Perth. In 2008, we founded the Victorian Social Golf Club Championships (VSGCC), a State Championship contested between social golf clubs. As BRG was both the event manager and a club with teams entered, it became clear we needed to establish a separate event management entity to operate our events.

In 2009, BRG founders Matthew and Sally Pitt established Social Golf Australia (SGA) as a new entity in Australian golf. The intention was to transfer the majority of the events we operate to SGA. In 2009, SGA took over the management of the Australian Social Golf Club Championships, an event attracting golfers from around Australia to the Gold Coast every August. In 2010, SGA established The SGA Tour in Victoria, WA, NSW and SE Queensland. In 2011, we established an SGA Tour in Adelaide so that there are now separate SGA Tours in the capital centres in QLD, NSW, Vic, SA and WA. To see the event schedules for each State, go to and click on the link to your State.

In essence, BRG and SGA now operate in partnership offering complimentary golf services. BRG is an official handicap provider aligned with Golf Australia to offer official GA Handicaps and GOLF Link numbers to golfers around Australia. SGA is a golf event manager offering official competitions to golfers in five States. BRG still manages several events - the social golf tournaments (listed below) held over weekends at different times each year.

In January 2015, Social Golf Australia launched The SGA Golf Club as a new national handicap provider. The SGA Golf Club offers an official golf handicap and GOLF Link number for just $95 for 12 months and includes golf insurance provided by Golf Australia with up to $20 million of coverage.

The SGA Golf Club offers a more efficient and cost-effective means of accessing a handicap. For more information, see the SGA Golf Club page or the SGA Golf Club Handicap FAQs page and to apply online for a handicap, go to The SGA Golf Club Online Handicap Application Form and follow the three easy steps to activate your golf handicap.

How to Enter an SGA Tour Event

To enter an event, simply email, phone or text your entry to the Tour Manager in your State and we will note you on the event booking sheet. We will make contact prior to the event to arrange pre-payment by EFT. The details we require in your booking email are:

Event & date:
Cart required:
(if optional)
Golf Link Number: (if you have one)
Notes: (e.g preferred playing partners or tee times, etc)

 Tour Website

 Tour Manager





Robbie O’Donnell

 nsw (at)

0439 144 256



Matthew Pitt
Mark Henderson

 vic (at)
mark (at)

0425 742 501
0422 600 024


 WA SGA Tour

Scott McLean

 wa (at)

0421 829 457



Dave Rushmore

 qld (at)

0421 796 716


 SA SGA Tour

Andy Dealey

 sa (at)

0408 715 559


Annual Golfing Getaways hosted by BRG & SGA

These events put the social in social golf and are all open to BRG golfers from around Australia to enter and enjoy. Matthew Pitt established Bushranger Golf (BRG) in 2006 and Social Golf Australia (SGA) in 2009. Some of the events here were developed by Bushranger Golf and some have been founded by SGA. The events are all held at the same time each year and Matt hosts and attends them all. SGA's two premier annual events are The SGA International and the Australian Social Golf Club Championships (ASGCC), but all the events are fun and attended by golfers who enjoy a hit and a laugh on great golf courses. Each event has a competition format plus trophies and prizes, but the emphasis is always on enjoying the golf, the company and the experience.







Trans-Murray Matchplay


Melb or Sydney


Teams Matchplay

3 days

The SGA International





8 days

The Bushranger Cup March Mornington Peninsula Teams of four

2 & 4-ball Ambrose

3 days

 The Cash & Co Classic


Barnbougle Dunes

 Singles & pairs 

 St/ford, Par & Stroke

3 days

 The Kelly Gang Shootout 


The Murray River

 Teams of four

 2 & 4-ball Ambrose

2 days



 The Gold Coast

 Singles & teams


5 days

William Buckley Classic


Barwon Heads**

Teams of two

2-ball Ambrose

2 days

* The first two CCC's were at Barnbougle Dunes, the 3rd in Torquay and the 4th was in back in Tassie.
** The William Buckley Classic alternates annually between Barwon Heads and The Mornington Peninsula.

To enter these events, contact Matthew Pitt at matt (at) or 0425 742 501 or (03) 5433 3213.

Event Partners

Bushranger Golf and Social Golf Australia have formed a strategic partnership with The Tour Fore Golfers based in South East Queensland. Founded and operated by David Rushmore, the Tour is a professional and friendly community of golfers dedicated to enjoying the game, friendly competition and the camaraderie shared through golf. We are proud to be associated with David and The Tour, we have formed a partnership for the SGA Tour in QLD to be incorporated with the Tour Fore Golfers, we encourage all our members to participate in David's events we will continue to work together to develop golf events that deliver enjoyment and value to all golfers.


The Tour Fore Golfers is an amateur golf tour played on the best courses in South East Queensland. Established in late 2007, the Tour offer golfers of all levels an affordable golfing alternative with flexibility and choice. There are no expensive membership or nomination fees -  golfers can simply pay as they play and compete for fantastic prizes on a regular basis. By making large group bookings, the Tour is able to secure discounted green fees for their players.

BRG Social Golf Events

1. Events developed and managed by Bushranger Golf. - Entry to Bushranger Social Golf Events is open to all social golfers who enjoy a hit and a laugh and we offer discounts to Bushranger Golf Members (membership is free). Click the links below to read about each event in more detail. For more information or to enquire about entering an event, please Contact BRG.

The Bushranger Cup - The first event ever run by Bushranger Golf

The Cash & Co Classic - An open event held every May at various locations

The Kelly Gang Shootout - An open event held every July on the Murray River

The William Buckley Classic - An open event held every October around Port Phillip Bay

2. Events developed and managed by private social groups. If you organise or manage a social golf group and wish to have a page of information on your event hosted here, email us at forecaddie (at) with some background information and we will create a page with you. We offer this as a free service to social groups. For an example of hosted social events, click on the links below to get a feel for how we can present your event to your players and fans.

The Whitewash Cup - Held every winter on The Gold Coast

Jack The Hack - A private invitational event held at various courses around Victoria

The Surf Coast Cup - A private invitational event held on the Victorian Surf Coast

Bushranger Golf Event Management Services

Bushranger Golf offers comprehensive golf event management for your charity, corporate or social golf day. We can manage all the details of your event so you can spend your time the way you want to: enjoying your day on the golf course with your clients, mates and colleagues. Bushranger Golf specialises in:

  • Venue booking including tee times, golf carts, catering and more
  • Customised travel and stay & play packages
  • Trophies, prizes and charity auction items
  • Customised merchandise: logoed shirts, caps, golf balls, etc.

We work with you to create a personalised welcome page on the BRG website for your event to greet your players, we manage invitations, player registrations & RSVPs, we create detailed event programs with personalised profiles on every golfer and we offer a range of pre-event information to aid the management and organisation of the day. After the event, your personalised webpage will feature a wrap-up and galleries covering the highlights, the winners, the tragedies, the scores, the drama, the sights, sounds and smells of what made your golfing adventure memorable for your group.

Most importantly, our strategic partnerships with courses, vendors and suppliers means that you'll get better value (and lower costs) than if you organised the event yourself, which translates to better prizes, higher quality golf courses, smoother event management and a more enjoyable time for you and your players.

To find out more about Bushranger Golf Event Management Services, or to arrange an obligation free costing estimate, please send an enquiry via our Contact page.

BRG Corporate Golf Events


In April 2007, Bushranger Golf managed its first corporate golf day for The Melbourne EO Group. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global community of business owners who run companies that exceed US$1M in revenue. Founded in the late 1980s by young, energetic entrepreneurs, EO now has over 6,000 members in 40 countries. Members share a common desire to grow their businesses, share experiences and learn from others. The Melbourne chapter engaged Bushranger Golf to manage their first social golf day. The Inaugural EO Melbourne Golf Challenge was held in April 2007 at the Waterford Valley Golf Course and Bushranger Golf  is currently working with EO to plan the 2008 event.