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May 25, 2024
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 About Bushranger Golf

 "Through the power of community, connections and commitment, Bushranger Golf
aims to become Australia's largest interactive network of Social Golfers"


Bushranger Golf aims to build a community of active social golfers through the creation of Australia's largest online golf club and the management of fun and engaging social golf events. Working with Golf Australia, we aim to create the opportunity for social golfers to access Australian affiliate handicaps and participate in Australian amateur and social golf events. Through the website, we can create a forum to share opinions, ideas, current golf news, course reviews, articles, services and affordable deals on golf equipment.

Membership is free, and the range of benefits is outlined on the Member Services page.

Our core values are to:

  • Create a community which gives a voice and strength in the market to our members.
  • Provide outstanding member service, advice and representation to ensure all projects, services, events and properties are delivered with 100% commitment and dedication.
  • Create connections of shared opportunities, which will benefit both our members and strategic partners.
  • Build a reputation for reliability, professionalism, credibility and trust.



Matthew Pitt owns and operates Bushranger Golf, Pitt-Bull Media and Social Golf Australia, a golf event management company hosting over 150 golf events around Australia. He has a background as a writer, performer, manager and event coordinator in music, theatre and radio. Matt has been a correspondent for Inside Golf magazine and Golf Business News magazine and a committee member with the Heathcote Golf Club. An unashamed golf tragic, his career highlight is scamming a game at the Old Course in St. Andrews whilst backpacking around Europe in the 90's. A 12 handicapper, he has only made one eagle in his career and claims he fluked an ace once whilst practicing on the 2nd at Lorne. Worst golfing memory: the Mize chip-in. Favourite golfing moment: Bobby Jones calling the penalty on himself when his ball moved in the first round of the1925 US Open. Favourite myth: any number of the Moe Norman stories.


Paul Bryce is a BRG member and one of our event managers with BRG and Social Golf Australia. Paul has a strong background in the sports industry with nine years’ playing experience in the AFL. He has a long history of participation in community sporting organisations with playing, coaching and management experience at a number of football clubs around Australia. A passionate golfer since childhood, he currently bats off an 11 handicap. Unlike many of our members, Paul maintains a high level of fitness and is a part-time personal trainer and running coach with experience working with a wide range of athletes including amateur golfers. As BRG and SGA have grown in recent years, Paul's experience, good humour, knowledge of the game and interpersonal skills have become a great asset to our events. Paul’s background as an athlete, trainer and coach reflect his passion for helping others achieve their personal and sporting goals. This makes him a great bloke to share a round of golf with and a great person to have on our team to deliver high quality events for our golfers.


Tony Kiers is a member of Bushranger Golf and a valuable asset to BRG Event Management. A professional in the sports industry, Tony has an MBA in Sports Management and over a decade of experience in the sports industry, including roles as the National Manager of Good Sports and Senior Project Officer with VicSport. Tony has a long history of participation in community sport through his involvement as a player and administrator with Monash University Blues Football Club in the VAFA. A keen marathon runner (completing his 10th marathon in 2008), he has travelled around the world to compete, including one famous performance in New York where he ran the city with P-Diddy. As Bushranger Golf has expanded the quantity and scale of its events, Tony’s role with BRG has grown and his experience and expertise have become an invaluable asset. A terrific bloke to share a golf course with, he is by no means terrific at golfing his ball, but he is working on it. Fortunately for the man they call Cowboy, at BRG it is the quality of character, not the quality of game, that makes the golfer. 

In January 2015, Social Golf Australia launched The SGA Golf Club as a new national handicap provider. The SGA Golf Club offers an official golf handicap and GOLF Link number for just $95 for 12 months and includes golf insurance provided by Golf Australia with up to $20 million of coverage.

The SGA Golf Club offers a more efficient and cost-effective means of accessing a handicap. For more information, see the SGA Golf Club page or the SGA Golf Club Handicap FAQs page and to apply online for a handicap, go to The SGA Golf Club Online Handicap Application Form and follow the three easy steps to activate your golf handicap.

Strategic Partners


The bwired Group Pty Ltd is a technology company specialising in the design and implementation of innovative solutions to meet the business requirements of their clients. bwired supplies the website infrastructure for Bushranger Golf, as well as internet technology, guidance, strategy and implementation.



The Tour Fore Golfers - an amateur golf tour played on the best courses in South East Queensland. Founded by golf enthusiast David Rushmore, the Tour was established in late 2007 to offer golfers of all levels an affordable golfing alternative with flexibility and choice. There are no expensive membership or nomination fees -  golfers can simply pay as they play and compete for fantastic prizes on a regular basis.  

Just like on the professional golf tours, The Tour Fore Golfers keeps its players statistics, has its own Order of Merit, ‘Major’ competitions (in conjunction with the Majors on the PGA Tour) and regular tour events. The major events also double up as the four rounds of the Tour Club Championships. By making large group bookings, the Tour is able to secure discounted green fees for their players. Bushranger Golf is proud to be associated with David and The Tour and encourage all our members to participate in David's events.


Pitt-Bull Media (PBM) is a copywriting consultancy owned and operated by Matthew Pitt and Sally Bull. PBM works in partnership with bwired to develop written content for websites. Our services include copywriting, proofreading and editing for radio, print and electronic media, and search engine optimisation (SEO) consulting. www.pittbullmedia.com.au/ 


The Social Golf Club Championships (SGCCs) of Australia are a series of official National and State golf championships developed, operated and owned by Social Golf Australia (SGA), an event management business founded and owned by BRG founder Matthew Pitt. The events are supported by  Golf Australia and the relevant amateur governing golf bodies in each State. In 2009, each event is a stand alone championship. The individuals in the winning teams in the 2009 State Championships will all receive preferential and discounted entry into the 2010 Australian Championships on the Gold Coast.


Golf Development Performance Services (GDPS) is an international golf services consultancy based in Australia. General Manager Dominic Wall has over 22 years' experience in sports management, including 16 years with the Australian Golf Union (AGU) and Golf Australia (GA), with roles as National Director of Coaching, Manager Development, Acting Executive Director and Development Manager for the Australian Coaching Council based at the Australian Institute of Sport. GDPS offers services to the golf industry for golfers, coaches, golf clubs, tournaments, State, Provincial, National and International golf bodies and other organisations involved in golf. GDPS is collaborating with Bushranger Golf to develop the Victorian Social Golf Club Championships.


Nesso Consulting is a business coaching consultancy based in Melbourne that is focused on helping clients clarify and achieve their organisational goals. Nesso founder Ross Mitchell is a highly qualified and experienced business facilitator and has worked closely with Bushranger Golf and Pitt-Bull Media on several projects. Ross has supplied Bushranger Golf with specialist business coaching and consulting on business strategy and development. He is also a member of BRG and the proud owner of an official GAA affiliate golf handicap through Bushranger Golf.


Bushranger Golf has joined with our friends at Heathcote Winery to release a Bushranger Shiraz. It is a 2005 vintage from the best known winery in this region famous for red wine and outlaws. Shiraz is the cornerstone of Heathcote Winery's premium wine production and in 2005, their 2003 Mail Coach Shiraz was awarded the Gold Medal in its class at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show. Bottles of Bushranger Shiraz are prizes in Bushranger Golf events and soon it will be available by the case directly through Heathcote Winery.


Roger Brown owns and operates Focal Point Garden Design (FPGD), is a founding member of BRG, and has designed and built a range of the stunning perpetual trophies for BRG golf events. FPGD is a landscape design and project management company based in Canterbury Rd, Melbourne, specialising in residential and commercial landscaping projects for developers, architects, and homeowners. Contact Roger on (03) 9888 4616.


Richard Fellner is a founding member of the Bushranger Golf Social Club and the owner of Fore! golf services. With over 30 years experience on the golf course, one wonders why his game is still so shabby. A former golfing "prodigy", he is rumoured to have spent time competing on the U.S. college tour with some of the most boring golfers to ever pull on a plus-four. His High School golfing career included tours of Nevada, where he took top honours in the bustling cities of Elko, Parumph, Tonopah, and Winnemucca. His career was tragically cut short by a lack of natural ability, technique and commitment. His non-golfing "activities" include a career in marketing, corporate writing and journalism. Favourite golfing moment: Driving the green on a 325-yard par-4. Worst golfing memory: 4-putting for bogey 15 minutes later. Favourite myth: Matt Pitt's hole-in-one. www.fore.com.au/