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July 19, 2024
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SGA Golf Club offers official handicaps on GOLF Link for $95

On January 1 2015, SGA officially launched The SGA Golf Club as a new national handicap provider under the SGA brand. Official golf handicaps through Bushranger Golf (BRG), which is owned by Social Golf Australia (SGA), were originally offered in 2007 through the Golf Access Australia (GAA) programme which was a joint initiative of Golf Australia, its Member States and the Australian Sports Commission to increase participation in golf and provide a pathway to golf club membership throughout Australia.

 In 2012 the handicapping landscape changed with the rollback of the GAA program and, at the suggestion of Golf Australia, BRG shifted affiliation to Golf Victoria via the Victorian Golf League (VGL). As a bona fide VGL Member club, some of the GAA conditions no longer applied but annual affiliation fee increases mean handicaps through BRG have risen to $110.

To counter this, The SGA Golf Club launched in January 2015 offering official golf handicaps (with insurance) for $95 for 12 months. We aim to offer a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective process for Australian golfers to access and maintain an official golf handicap. Golfers around Australia can access an official golf handicap in just three easy steps:

1. Complete the SGA Golf Club Online Handicap Application
2. Submit three (or more) signed scorecards OR your previous GOLF Link number
3. Make the $95 annual payment to Social Golf Australia







The Benefits of an official golf handicap with The SGA Golf Club

  • Official golf handicap and insurance for 12 monhs for just $95
  • Your own official GOLF Link handicap swipe card.
  • A starter pack with rules, etiquette and general information.
  • Access to GOLF Link, Golf Australia's national online handicapping system.
  • A valid Australian affiliate handicap for one year from the date SGA registers you with GOLF Link.
  • Coverage through Golf Australia's Personal Insurance Plan (PIP) which includes cover for loss and damage of clubs, personal liability and personal accident insurance. Note that limits apply to the insurance cover.

The SGA Golf Club offers a more efficient and cost-effective means of accessing a handicap. For more information, see the SGA Golf Club page or the SGA Golf Club Handicap FAQs page and to apply online for a handicap, go to The SGA Golf Club Online Handicap Application Form and follow the three easy steps to activate your golf handicap.

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