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April 17, 2024
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Insurance Benefits of Golf Australia’s Personal Insurance Plan (PIP)

To view the full PIP disclosure statement, it is available for download from the Golf Access Australia page on the Golf Australia website. Below is an outline of the coverage contained in the plan.

Section 1 -Loss or Damage
To Golf Clubs and other Sporting Equipment (but not to motorized golf carts) as used in the Club. (General Excess - $100) $3,500

Theft -excess for claims involving burglary/theft from a Motor Vehicle or from the open Air - $550. Other theft claims - $350.

Covered Anywhere in Australia.

Section 2 - Personal Liability
For third party personal injury or damage to property: $20,000,000

Section 3 - Personal Accident – Part A:
Minor Injuries and Emergency Transport: $2,000 

Section 3 – Personal Accident – Part B:
Death or permanent disablement: $100,000 (other scheduled benefits for lesser injuries)

Weekly Loss of Income $500 maximum  (Excess 14 days)

Additional Insurance Facility
A dedicated personal insurance facility for members that would provide access to discounted rates and package deals encompassing insurances for house, car boat and travel.