August 12, 2020
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Bushranger Golf aims to build a reputation for reliability, professionalism, credibility and trust in the golf industry, among clients and with members. To achieve this, we endeavour to treat every person and relationship with respect and consideration. We hope that this commitment is reflected in the testimonials that appear here. This is a new page. We look forward to regularly adding to this list.

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Bushranger Golf embraces and promotes our Golf Access Australia (GAA) program, which aims to introduce social golfers to the benefits of club membership. By making access to official handicaps and competitions easier for golfers around Australia, Bushranger Golf is helping to increase participation in the game, which will lead to an increase in club membership and viability. We encourage social golfers to become involved in GAA through Bushranger Golf and endorse any such organisation that makes a valuable contribution to the development of the game in Australia.

 Kevin Tangey, Participation Strategies, Golf Australia


Bushranger Golf was born out of love and passion for our great game and this shows in all aspects of their operations. Their championships are first class, well organised, competitive and, most of all, fun. Not only can you play in these events, but BRG now also offers social golfers official handicaps. Bushranger Golf is a club that is reversing the trend in golf by encouraging members to the sport and offering opportunities for participation away from the mainstream model. At a time when many clubs are struggling for members, Bushranger Golf is growing and setting new benchmarks in standards for golf clubs. Definitely a club for the 21st century!

Dominic Wall, Director, Golf Development & Performance Services, author of Golf Excellence and former Manager – Development – Australian Golf Union and Golf Australia

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Matthew Pitt from Bushranger Golf managed the first corporate golf day held at Waterford Valley and has brought a number of social events to the course. He has shown us every consideration in his planning, demonstrates sound judgement, is reliable and communicates clearly. We have been impressed with the quality of service he supplies his clientele and we wish him every success with Bushranger Golf.

Gary Thompson, Owner, Waterford Valley Golf

Bushranger Golf Clients

Thanks Matt, Roger and the team at Bushranger Golf for a wonderful day at the 2007 EO Melbourne Golf Challenge. I’ll remember it for a long time. Well done guys, you blitzed on the day and did a sensational job covering the event on the website. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon. Best regards,

  Rob Cecconi, Managing Director, Sportsnet Holidays

Bushranger Golf Members

In my role with Athletics Victoria, I am responsible for managing a broad range of professional and amateur sporting events. I have also been fortunate to have participated in many social sporting competitions, including at least half a dozen golf tournaments managed by Bushranger Golf. Matt and his team have always been professional, committed and dedicated to their task and go out of their way to create an enjoyable environment for all involved. Bushranger Golf tailors a package of social golfing entertainment that exceeds expectations. I attribute their success to detailed preparation, customer consideration and a commitment to excellence. I do not hesitate to recommend their event management services.

 Nick Honey, Chief Executive Officer, Athletics Victoria 

Bushranger Golf goes up to 11; that’s one louder than your average golf tour. The competition is always fierce and the laughs are relentless.

 Seve Mileo, 2006 William Buckley Classic Champion  

Thanks Matt, I had a great day golfing with a terrific bunch of blokes. It looks like you’ve got an excellent system set up at Bushranger Golf. I was very impressed with the website and the way the day was run. I’m looking forward to joining you scoundrels on the course again soon! Cheers,

 Ben Otter, September 2007

As a keen club golfer for over 22 years, I have been fortunate to play in many annual club social events throughout Australia and in many high calibre corporate golf days. I have now attended several of the Bushranger Golf managed events and found the meticulous organisation and the relaxed environment that their personnel deliver to be second-to-none. I look forward to playing in my next Bushranger Golf event with my associates.

 Warwick Stonehouse, 2004 Bushranger Cup Champion

In spite of the fact that I have never won a thing, the Bushranger Golf events are the most fun I have ever had on a sports weekend.

 Scott Wilson, MD Replicat, 2005 Victorian PL/NL Texas Hold’em Champion  
Having recently entered the next phase in my life, that of fatherhood and busy family life, my activities and priorities have changed. Long gone are the days of out 5 nights a week or swanning off to the latest gig or pub. This is where Bushranger Golf comes in. While kids and family are the best reasons to be alive in this world, Bushie Golf events are the perfect opportunity to get away with like-minded individuals either on weekends away on some of the world's best golf courses or single day events and just unwind and have a genuine deep hearty chortle and a few beers between games. Matt and the team are a finely honed machine and know how to throw a great golfing gig. For me, Bushranger Golf events are something to look forward to every few months, and give me a reason to prepare and perfect my game on a regular basis. Thanks Bushranger Golf, you guys are legends.

 Mick "Da King" van Raay, 2006 William Buckley Classic Champion

The three Bushranger Golf events I have attended have been very well organised. There is a healthy dose of competition, but the priority is always a fun time for all involved. Five Stars.

 Funky John Lazzara, 2004 Bushranger Cup Champion