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June 24, 2017
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Welcome to Bushranger Golf

Bush·rang·er n. 1. an Australian outlaw living in the bush. 2. an unscrupulous golfer who suffers the odd memory lapse when relating recent good form to their handicapper. 3. a uniquely Australian golf enterprise delivering fun, value and enjoyment to golfers in five key areas. We are:

1. Australia’s largest and fastest growing online Social Golf Club
2. A handicapper offering GOLF Link Handicaps around Australia
3. A founder & operator of uniquely Australian Social Golf Events
4. The founder of Social Golf Australia golf event management
5. A fun and informative golf website for all golfers to enjoy

• Golf Events
• Golf Handicaps
 All are welcome

The SGA Golf Club - official GOLF Link Handicaps for $95

In 2014 we launched the The SGA Golf Club to take over from Bushranger Golf as our main mechanism for providing official Australian golf handicaps. An official golf handicap and GOLF Link number is just $95 for 12 months & inc golf insurance from Golf Australia.

For more information on accessing a golf handicap, see the SGA Golf Club page and the Handicap FAQs page. To apply online for a handicap, go to The SGA Golf Club Online Handicap Application Form.

Social Golf Australia – handicaps & events around Australia

In 2009, BRG founded Social Golf Australia (SGA) to manage golf events around Australia. All golfers are welcome and anyone can play in the events. SGA hosts the Australian Social Golf Club Championships (ASGCC) on the Gold Coast every August and The SGA Tour, a State-based series of official comps for amateur golfers with results on GOLF Link. For info on our SGA Tour events in Perth,  Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, go to

In 2014 we launched the The SGA Golf Club to take over from Bushranger Golf as our main mechanism for providing official Australian golf handicaps. The option of a handicap through Bushranger Golf still exists but with The SGA Golf Club we can offer a more streamlined, efficient and lower cost option for maintaining a golf handicap. We have a Bushranger Golf Facebook page and in 2015 we launched the Social Golf Australia Youtube Channel. Below we see BRG and SGA golfer Rob Lugton with SGA Ambassador Andy Lee.




Da King da key to ‘The Quigley Slam’ at the 2016 WBC!

Richard Fellner (Quigley) & Mick Van Raay (Da King) created some serious Bushranger Golf history in winning the 2016 William Buckley Classic. Da King became the fist person to ever win three WBC titles and Quigley became the first person to win all five of the BRG Major titles. In what has ben a 12-year odyssey starting at the 2005 Bushranger Cup, Quiggs has saluted at the 2006 KGS, the 2009 POY, the 2010 BR Cup, the 2013 CCC and now the 2016 WBC. Check out The Campfire for a list of all the BRG Major champions and the 2016 WBC Results page to see how Da King & Quigley did it.

Mansfield Wombats take out the 2016 Kelly Gang Shootout!

The 2016 Kelly Gang Shootout was on July 2 & 3 at the Rich River Golf Club. Scott Kidman, Lee Dodge, Adrian Smithwick & Nick Sutherland of The Mansfield Wombats (above) had a great tournament to post a massive nine-shot win. For more, check out the 2016 KGS Results page and the Bushranger Golf Facebook Photo Albums for photos from each day.

2017 Cash & Co. Classic sets off for the mighty King Island!

A group of adventurous Bushrangers are saddling up once again for the Cash & Co Classic in May for a deluxe golfing experience at Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes. Above we see the 2015 Champions, Joel Matthews, Des Baker and Darren Nelson, celebrating their win in 2015. For more info, see the 2016 CCC Results , check out the Bushranger Golf Facebook Photo Albums for photos from each day and the 2017 Cash & Co Classic Preparations webpage with all the packages and entry ifo for the 2017 event at King Island.

Cpt Melvilles win amazing playoff at the Bushranger Cup!

Above we see BastrosCrocko, The Punter and The Rose of The Captain Melvilles, the 2016 Bushranger Cup Champions. This freakish crew were part of the most incredible incarnation of the greatest golf event in the universe at the 2016 Cup when we had our first ever sudden-death playoff. Going head-to-head with the defending champions, The Kelly Gang, the playoff went for three oles with the most incredible drama with both teams having chances to win on the first two holes until it was finally settled on the third extra hole of the greatest social golf event in Australia. Check out the 2016 Bushranger Cup Playoff Photo Album, the 2016 Bushranger Cup results (coming soon) and the 2016 Bushranger Cup Program for all the action from this incredible event.

“Go out and have fun. Golf is a game for everyone, not just for the talented few.” - Harvey Penick