Membership Questions for a GAA Handicap through BRG

August 12, 2020
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Handicap Questions for a GAA affiliate handicap through BRG

Please copy these questions and email both the questions and your answers to forecaddie (at)

1. First name:

2. Middle initial:

3. Surname:

4. Gender:

5. DOB (dd/mm/yyyy):

6. Email address:

7. Postal address:

8. Suburb:

9. Postcode:

10. State:

11. Country:

Note: An Australian golf handicap is only valid in Australia. Members don’t need to be an Australian resident, however, overseas scores don’t count towards it. Overseas residents who play golf here at least five times a year in Australia are welcome to join.

12. Home phone:

13. Mobile phone:

14. Are you a member of Bushranger Golf? If yes, what is your username?

15. Have you previously held an official Australian golf handicap? If yes:

What was your club?
When did your handicap/membership lapse?
What was your GOLF Link number?

16. How are you submitting your three signed scorecards? By mail, by fax or by email?

17. Have you read and do you accept the terms and conditions for issuing an official Golf Australia handicap to be maintained on the GOLF Link system?

18. How are you making your $110 payment?  By posting a cheque or EFT?