AFL Life Members & Premiership Players Charity Golf Classic Entry Form

August 05, 2020
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Registration Form

To enter by email, please copy the entry details below into an email and send to:

Matthew Pitt
Bushranger Golf
Ph: 03 5433 3213
Mob: 0425 742 501
Fax: 03 5433 3530

Entry details required for each player

  1. Player 1 name:
  2. Phone (bh):
  3. Mobile:
  4. Fax:
  5. Email:
  6. Handicap:*
  7. Footy club:
  8. Year of birth:

* If you have an official handicap, please note your exact handicap and your GOLF Link number. If you do not have a handicap, please make an honest estimation. Individual handicaps will be used to calibrate four-ball ambrose team handicaps for the event.

Entry Notes

  • You can enter as a single, pair or triple and we will match players into teams.
  • Teams of three will be paired with a past VFL/AFL player. Every effort will be made to ensure participants are matched with a past player from their club & era.
  • See the AFL Life Members & Premiership Players Charity Golf Classic web page at for payment details and terms & conditions of entry.
  • Past AFL player preference will be given according to the date of registration.
  • Your registration will be confirmed phone and fax or email.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Pitt at Bushranger Golf.

Terms & Conditions

Entry into the AFL Life Members & Premiership Players Charity Golf Classic is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Entrants nominate their preferred club and every effort will be made to match participants with past players from the nominated club.
  • Bushranger Golf, as the event manager, reserves the right to nominate the composition of teams to ensure participation of all involved.
  • Some past AFL players are only able to attend for one round of the event, so some teams will have a different past AFL player in each of the two rounds.
  • Bushranger Golf is the sole arbiter of handicaps,scores, final results, placings and prizes.
  • The earlier that players register, the more chance they have of playing with their preferred past AFL player.
  • As Bushranger Golf cannot gaurantee the attendance of any individual player, teams will be allocated their nominal past AFL player team-mates prior to the event, however the final groupings and teams will be announced at the event after player registration.